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Hello !    Assalaamwualykum !   Gutendag  !    Heita  !

[ 22 March 2016 ]

This  is  GIFT  OF  MERCY’s  second WEBSITE. Our first Website :, which was co-hosted by VODACOM & GOOGLE, in conjunction with the SOUTH AFRICAN DEPARTMENT OF TRADE & INDUSTRY, was suspended by Google, for  ALL  account – holders, hence our RE-CREATION of what once was…

Anyway, we trust All  DONORS, GOVERNMENTS, FOUNDATIONS, SPIRITUAL-GROUPS, STAFF, VOLUNTEERS….and  more …will  PARTNER with us, as we try and provide much-needed services to the LESS-PRIVELEGED, within SOUTH AFRICA …and GLOBALLY .

Please contact us at email :

Gift of Mercy  [ Admin ]


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