“The Joy of Being Good and the Misery of the Rebel”

“You should know that all men (& Women !) are included in one or another of two classes : the class of people who are at peace, content and happy, doing good deeds in a state of obedience to Allah [God], and those who are in a state of insecurity, doubt and misery in their rebellion against the prescriptions of Allah [ God].

Both the quality of obedience and rebelliousness are present in each human being. If the purity, the sincerity and the good in one are dominant, one’s selfish characteristics are transformed into spiritual states and one’s rebellious side is overcome by one’s good side. On the other hand, if one follows the low desires of one’s flesh and the tendencies of one’s ego, one’s rebellious character dominates that which is selfless and obedient in one, and one becomes a rebel. If both of these contrary characteristics are equal, the hope is that the good will overcome, as is promised : ‘ He that doeth good shall have ten times as much to his credit ‘ ….( Surah An’am, 160), And if Allah [ God] so wishes, He may even further increase His favours.

Yet that person in whom evil and good are equal, will still have to pass the terrible trial of the day of the Last Judgement, while for the one who was able to  transform his (or her )selfishness into selflessness, the low desires of his flesh into spiritual aspirations, there will be no trial, there is no accounting to be given.

He ( or she ) will  enter  Paradise without the terrors of the Last Day. ”

[     THE SECRET OF SECRETS,   The  Great Abdul  Qadir  Al-Jailani,

Translated  by  Shaykh  Tosun  Bayrak  Al-Jerrahi  Al – Halveti,

Extracts  Re-Published   On-Line,  by

Gift   of   Mercy,    South   Africa,

NPO 085350,    EMAIL   :   giftmercy@gmail.com 

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Twitter           : @GiftofMercy1                    ]


Best  Charity  is  that  which  reaches  God,  Humanity  and  the  Afterlife. “





“The Joy of Being Good and the Misery of the Rebel”


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