Turkey – Murky History but Clear Future (1/2)

For those who have some kind of confidence in me, I fear that I shall disappoint you if you seek clear direction on recent events in Turkey, i.e. the “attempted coup” of Shawwāl 1437 [July 2016]. N…

Source: Turkey – Murky History but Clear Future (1/2)


2 thoughts on “Turkey – Murky History but Clear Future (1/2)”

  1. slm !

    Sulaymaan Al Kindi

    Shukran for your views.

    I have read and studied about fifteen or more books on Islaamic Eschatology and was obviously baffled by the hadith in Muslim, Re : 70k Sons of Ishaaq Conquering Turkey.

    The reason for the “confusion” appears to be that Turkey was “already” Conquered in 1453 by Sultan Mehmet…AND the current Ruler(s) “appear” to have a Muslim-stance : 27000 Mosques built, 15k Euro given to Syrian Refugees including housing about 3 million Syrian Refugees. All the latter are enormous gestures, when considering they are largely “unmatched” by any other Muslim Country, Globally.

    So, it can then only be that Turkey may be Conquered by “some force ” and therefore must be re-conquered by the “70k Sons of Ishaaq AS “. BUT, since this re-conquering is NOT by MILITARY-CONQUEST, but by THIKR, it could imply that some form of “pseudo-Control”, is exerted onto Turkey, perhaps by NATO, or USA/CIA/Mossad/M15, clandestinely ! It also presupposes, that Turkey may fight on the WRONG SIDE, when the MALHAMMA occurs, in SYRIA, under the Leadership of Mahdi AS, hence Turkey is RE-CONQUERED, AFTER THE MALHAMMA !

    QUAERE : Is the MALHAMMA in fact WW3 ?

    or must WW3 occur first, via THERMONUCLEAR activity, that wipes out ALL MODERN AND OR SOPHISTICATED WEAPONRY, whereafter we are told in hadith, that we ( Muslims ) will fight on HORSE with SWORD ?

    Can you or have you contextualised the sequence of events, from NOW..until Isa ibn Maryam ? ( MAAF…is “ibn ” correct or “bin”? )

    Thanks also for clarifying “RAJAB TAYYAB”. Radio ISLAAM and Channel Islaam, will NOT be able to resolve such complexities !


    Sikander Mohamed ( BBA : IR, Bus Law )

    Amir : Gift of Mercy / Waqful Rahmah ( SOUTH AFRICA )

    Co-Founder : Africa Muslim Party ( South Africa ) 1994

    email : giftmercy@gmail.com

    Whatsapp : 071 590 7831 ( local ) (+27) 71 590 7831 ( global )

    Twitter : @GiftOfMercy1

    Google+ : Gift of Mercy ( Public )



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